Maluti Footprints and Tours (Pty) Ltd

Tours to Lesotho, Katse Dam, Afriski, originating in Clarens, Eastern Free State, South Africa

Katse Dam Lesotho - (overnight stay in Lesotho) 

Katse Dam (overnight stay) this tour leaves Clarens at a more leisurely hour of 8am. We follow the same route via the border post and up into the mountains but it is more relaxing as we do not need to watch the clock. Arrive in time for lunch and a relaxing walk around during the afternoon. We are able to offer a visit to a local mountain village to see some of the local people and maybe purchase something from their little shop…they always give the Kombi a good welcome!

Check in for your evening accommodation and enjoy a pleasant un-hurried evening meal. Next morning we take you on the Dam Wall Walk at 9am if you so wish,(R10 per person) otherwise possibly use the time to take some stunning photos of the area and even enjoy one of the hiking trails. After lunch we head back down the mountains and arrive at the border post as the sun is setting.

Minimum 2 persons sharing double room at Orion Katse Lodge

Dinner/bed/breakfast rates quoted, including transport 

NB!! Passport required 

Click here to view photos of Katse Dam 

Fly Fishing Katse Dam Lesotho - 2 Night stay

Fly Fishing in Katse Dam – this tour is a two night stopover in self catering accommodation near the edge of the Dam. All provisions to be taken with as there are no shops, it is a remote area.

Accommodation sleeps either 4 or 6 persons & is rustic and ideally suited to the fisherman. Walk out of the building and down to the Dam front – perfect! Local guides are available if required and the fishing license is granted to our guests on arrival by prior arrangement. Fees include all transportation costs and accommodation – but please note it is self catering.

NB!! Passport required

Tour One – Pony Trekking in Lesotho - 3 Night stay

Day One – Pony Trekking in Lesotho

Depart Clarens 7am

Arrive at destination in time for lunch.

Afternoon at leisure.(options exist for hikes, museum visits etc)

Enjoy evening entertainment (local choir and band)


Overnight at venue

Day Two

Breakfast and depart on pony trek.

Enjoy local scenery with your guide and spend the night in remote Basotho village

Deep in the mountain region.

Day Three

Pony trek through beautiful scenery and arrive back at venue

Approx 2pm (14.00 hrs)

Afternoon at leisure (options to go on local hikes etc if you wish)

Dinner and overnight at venue

Day Four

Breakfast and depart for Clarens shortly afterwards.

Minimum 2 pax

NB!! Passport required 

Tour Two – Pony Trekking / Hiking in Lesotho - 3 Night stay

Day One

Depart Clarens 7am, arrive destination in time for lunch

Enjoy your afternoon at leisure

Enjoy evening entertainment with local band and choir


Overnight at venue

Day Two

Breakfast and depart on pony trek with local guide.

Take in local scenery, shepherds attending to their flocks and wander through

Stunning terrain on your sure footed Basotho pony.

Overnight in Basotho village with only basic necessities

Enjoy your pony trek with your guide pointing out interesting facts as you go along

Arrive back at venue approx 2pm.

Afternoon may be spent as you wish.


Day Three

Visit the local village and school/museum (by prior arrangement) or go on hiking trails in the area.


Overnight at the venue

Day Four

Breakfast – then depart for Clarens shortly afterwards.

Minimum 2 pax

NB!! Passport required

Tour Three – Pony Trekking / Hiking in Lesotho - 4 Night stay

Day One

Depart Clarens 7am and arrive at venue in time for lunch

Afternoon at leisure

Evening entertainment with local band and choir


Day Two and Three

Breakfast, depart on pony trek approx 9am

Two nights will be spent in remote villages in basic hut accommodation.

Trek throughout the day with local guide to show you places of interest and

Enjoy the stunning scenery on horseback.

On day three, head back to venue after breakfast and arrive approx 2pm.

Afternoon at leisure, an opportunity to enjoy local hikes, village visits etc


Overnight at venue

Day Four

Breakfast, and then depart for Clarens shortly after your meal.

Minimum 2 pax

NB!! Passport required

Tour Four - Semonkong Tour Lesotho 2 Nights

This tour has been designed to take visitors to the rural areas of Lesotho and includes several options upon arrival which will enhance the pleasure and add a further sense of adventure to your stay.

Option One (Two nights in Semonkong)

Day One 

Depart Clarens 6.00am and drive to Peka Bridge border post with Lesotho.

Travel toward Maseru (stopping to re-fuel) and then on to Roma, Ramabanta and eventually arrive mid afternoon in Semonkong (the place of smoke!)which refers to the thundering Falls and not exhaust fumes!

Check in at Semonkong Lodge and take a relaxing stroll before your evening meal.

Day Two

Choose from options below, or simply relax and do your own thing....

Basotho Pony Rides; (the Lodge uses the local horses for this activity,) ideal for everyone whether used to riding or not. This is the ideal way to enjoy Lesotho with a local guide.  (Day ride with local guide) fee varies with number of riders (approx R350 per person per day)

The Phororo Viewpoint hike; +- 3 hrs return - classified 'easy' walking to view the stunning 186m single drop water fall and gorge with its 300m cliffs. Basic cost R50 plus R10 per hour thereafter paid to guide.                                                                       

Ka Nokeng hike; +- 5/6 hours return - more difficult, steep - slippery when wet- and recommended that you take a guide..view the Maletsunyane Falls from the front and from the waterfalls edge..following the river back to the Lodge (you may swim in the rock pools on the way back) Basic R50 + R10 per hr.

Into the Smoke hike; 5/6hr - difficult - recommended to take a guide... A hike to the bottom of the Maletsunyane Waterfall. To see the falls from the bottom brings its awesome size into perspective. This is a beautiful place to swim, trout fish or just sit in awe of the power of time and nature. R50 + R10 per hr thereafter payable to guide

Mountain Biking; There are many single track routes and other routes in this area with some of the tracks being technically challenging. Own equipment essential.


Brown trout, Rainbow Trout and Yellow Fish have been caught in the Maletsunyane river and surrounding areas. Only fly fishing permitted, bring along your own equipment.

Donkey Pub Crawl Tour;

Experience traditional and local entertainment sites in a unique way...riding a donkey or even in an Ox-Cart. Visit a traditional beer brewing home, local bars and enjoy the local Basotho folk, their music and dancing. Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks available in local bars. Enjoy a traditional lunch at a locally owned restaurant.

Return to Semonkong Lodge for 2nd night in this beautiful part of the world.

Day three;

Return via Ramabanta, Roma and Maseru to Clarens.

Departure time 6am - arrival in Clarens approx 4pm depending on number of stops en route.

The 2 night tour is based on 4 adults, includes transport into Lesotho and back to Clarens, Accommodation, in double or twin-bedded rooms based on 2 adults sharing. Three Meals per day (drinks extra). Various activities available as above at additional cost. Contact us for rates.

Tour Five - Semonkong Tour Lesotho 3 Nights

Option Two - (3 nights Semonkong Lodge)

Departure times as previous two day tour.

Day One

Drive from Clarens, to Peka Bridge border post and then via Maseru, Roma and Ramabanta Check in at Semonkong Lodge and enjoy your new surroundings and an evening meal.

Day Two

Undertake any of the above hiking trails as mentioned for two night stay


Take an Overnight Ponytrek;

Please be aware these treks can be quite strenuous, involving 6/7 hours riding per day.

It is however a great way for the complete novices to learn how to ride. The accommodation is in Basotho villages. The basic huts have cooking  equipment and eating utensils. Luggage is carried on packhorses - one packhorse is adequate for 4 people...additional packhorse with a guide will bear an additional cost. Fees on request.


Visit Ketane Waterfall - one night, two days trek. Ride up into the peaks of the Thaba Putsoa Mountains, seeing alpine vegetation, remote villages, crossing the Ketane River and seeing its spectacular gorge...get the opportunity to hike to the hidden Ketane Falls.

Return to Semonkong Lodge

Day Three 

Depart next morning 6am for Ramabanta, Roma and Maseru en route to Clarens. Please note; Maximum number of passengers on the above tours are six adults. Prices on request.

The 3 night tour includes transport into Lesotho and back to Clarens, double room or twin bedded room two adults sharing, 3 meals per day, based on 4 adults. Activities as above and all drinks extra.

The above tours have been put together for those who love the open spaces and outdoors, are somewhat adventurous without needing a huge adrenalin rush (although if you wish, we can arrange abseiling right next to the Maletsunyane falls) which will be sure to get the heart racing!

But generally speaking it is designed for a beautifully relaxed look at Lesotho and its people, time to experience the Basotho way of life and to bring back home some wonderful memories of time spent in the Kingdom in the Sky!