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Tours to Lesotho, Katse Dam, Afriski, originating in Clarens, Eastern Free State, South Africa

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title                          Afriski Winter Season ends 28th Aug 2016


                                            SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Maluti Tours would like to reassure our guests regarding safety when we travel in Lesotho.

Due to the literally hundreds of times we have taken Tours into Lesotho we have not encountered

problems with local authorities. We will use our experience and knowledge of the country to keep everyone safe  and happy. Incidents do happen in lots of countries and Lesotho is no different, so whereas no one can rule out certain things that may occur, we are confident in ourselves that we will conduct safe and trouble-free  tours as per our history over the last 5 years.

Guests booking Tours into Lesotho please note that for children under 18 years of age, the un-abridged birth certificate along with their passport are still required. Should a minor be travelling with one parent, a letter from the absent parent giving permission for the child to travel and stamped at the police station is also a requirement.

As follow up to this announcement we wish to thank all of the authorities who have worked together to remedy the situation experienced at the end of April. The Minister of Tourism and local authorities have addressed this unacceptable behaviour and we trust that travelling in Lesotho will once again be the pleasure it always has been. We will publish telephone numbers that travelers may contact should any situations arise.

 Welcome to our world, let us show you around          ....

Stunningly beautiful and rural experiences are available on our day or multi-day trips into Lesotho. It is a  'get back to nature' experience, far away from the hustle of everyday life. 


Nestled in the heart of Clarens ........

Welcome to the Malutifootprints and Tours website, we specialize in tours to Lesotho. Whether you prefer cultural tours into Lesotho or a relaxing getaway in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho look no further than Maluti Tours.

Our tours into Lesotho are offered as personalized tours, taking in the destinations you wish to visit and adding to your itinerary with our own knowledge of the country. We have a range of planned tours into Lesotho if you would like to take advantage of our ready-to-go tours. Which ever way you decide, we are ready to make your trip as memorable as possible. Contact us for full details. Groups of 4/5/6 persons are ideal, however we do take couples by special arrangement.

We are happy to book your accommodation in Lesotho for you, via our network of beautiful bed and breakfast establishments which have been tried and tested on previous tours. If you wish to see the real Lesotho, join us on one of our tours into Lesotho. 

In the Lesotho Heartlands

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Maluti Mountains in the mist


We have made it safely to the top of the pass and emerged into brilliant sunshine after the dense mist which we are now able to look down on. The next phase of the trip to Katse Dam however, is to travel down the other side of the mountain, back into the mist once again before arriving at our beautiful destination.

Basotho Village

          Visiting one of the Basotho Villages, where the Red Volksie Bus always receives a warm welcome. Meet the local people, pop in to one of their homes, walk around freely with your Guide. Try their local brew at a Tavern (Shabeen) and interact with the children via your Guide who is also able to interpret for you. A genuine Basotho village experience.

Sheep Shearing


Sheep Shearing Shed in full swing. Dean from Maluti Tours arranged a demonstration for our guests who were amazed how quickly the winter coat was removed.


Pony Trekking Day Trips


Liphofung Caves, Lesotho - Half & Full Day Tours available

Half Day Tour option includes Transport to the Liphofung Caves in Lesotho, expertise of a Local tour guide who will explain the historical & cultural significance of the caves and the San Art. A small museum and craft shop can also be found on site and the funds raised at the shop go directly into supporting the local families. 

Full Day Tour option includes the above details, plus scenic drives through the Lesotho mountains heading towards Oxbow. Lunch at Oxbow is an optional extra and will allow you to absorb more of the tranquil country side that Lesotho has to offer. We will make several stops on the way allowing for photographic opportunities of the mountains, wildlife and birdlife. Alternatively we can proceed to Afriski to Sky Restaurant for lunch, the highest restaurant in Africa! We will return via Fouriesburg, taking in a few local historical sights.

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Brandwag - Golden Gate National Park - Half Day Trips

There are hiking trails in the Golden Gate National Park. Maluti Tours often takes people who do not have transport into the Park for a pleasant day hiking, returning for them at a pre-arranged time.

Day visits to the Park are also arranged where we tour the various roads within the Park, stopping at beauty spots to take photos and enjoy a picnic (optional) as this is a very relaxing way to spend a few hours in the fresh mountain air.  Horse riding may be pre-arranged in the Park also.

A Township Tour (Clarens) has now been added to our list of regular tours.

The duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours. Our driver and guide will take you into the nearby township of Kghubetswana where you will be able to walk with your Guide in the various sections of the villages. Visit the schools, pre-school and local Spaza Shops. There are Taverns to explore where you will want to try the local beers. Allow the Guide to show you where the cattle kraal is situated and the small huts where the herdsmen stay as they rest after a day herding in the mountains. Livestock still forms an important part of rural life in this area. Visit one of the homes and view some of the local art which will often amaze the guest. There is a lot of talent in this local township and when possible we will try to have several paintings on view which may be purchased on the spot. The backdrop to the township is the beautiful Mount Horeb which watches over Clarens in general and Kghubetswana in particular. This helps make this township tour not only enlightening but also very enjoyable. 



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It will help cut the cost of a trip into Lesotho by using your own vehicle and hiring Dean as a Guide for the day/days you wish to visit. Knowing the roads and conditions  is a great benefit. Having an experienced person on the trip means you can relax and enjoy the trip even more. You also have a professional driver to share the task of driving some of those tiring mountain roads. It is an added benefit when someone explains all about the cultures of the people and informs the traveller about the numerous aspects that would simply go un-noticed when driving alone. It adds value to the trip.

                                   Off the beaten track in Lesotho !!

Our latest Tour of Lesotho has been developed following consultations with local Basotho people to ensure their participation and agreement with what we have planned. The result is an amazing tour of one of the villages not far from the Lesotho border with South Africa. This tour is incorporated into a day tour of the region, culminating in a few hours spent at the village to interact with the village dwellers, view their homes, become part of what they are doing by going to collect the Oxen for a Ox Cart ride, Obtaining suitable clothing (Basotho blankets etc) to make sure you are comfortable during the ride and of course to totally look the part! Visit the Tavern along the way, hop on - hop off the cart at various points along the route and thoroughly enjoy simply being in the wonderful environment. An experience you will not quickly forget.


    Photography by Dean Tasker

Please contact us for your tailor made tour. We will make suggestions to assist with your planning and offer options which we feel will best suit both the terrain and your requirements. 

 Maluti Tours


                                     Winter Special for Afriski Shuttle         

Book our shuttle for your own group and get special rate. 7 pax maximum. Daily return trips.

For individuals wishing to utilise our shuttle service, book your seats and we will try to fill up the bus which gives you the best possible rate.

Below, a frozen waterfall on the way up the mountains to Afriski. Those doing a 'self drive' watch out for ice on the roads, it is very difficult to see it. The freshly tarred surface is ultra smooth making slippery conditions almost guaranteed so please take it real easy!

Afriski Winter 2016 kicks off 2nd June. Bookings are rolling in, so please contact us asap with your requirements for transport. Passports required. Under 18's still require un-abridged birth certificate.

                                   Springtime at Katse Dam

Ever wondered when is the best time to visit Katse Dam? Springtime is unforgettable.

Natures foliage comes alive after winter, everywhere has a 'brand new' look and the scenery takes on a deeper radiance. Maluti Tours runs Spring Specials for those who have time for an overnight stay to really capture the essence of Katse. For the time being, we have discontinued day trips to Katse but may resume these shortly as we enter Spring and Summer. Kindly contact for further info.....

                                      For the Travel Agents

Please contact Maluti Tours direct by e-mailing us for Tour options and Rates

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                                 Options and Tour Combinations

title                         Add a Maluti Tours original Basotho Village Tour 

                                  A Warm We;come Awaits You

            When possible, we make arrangements with the local school to greet visitors, we also encourage visitors to rather bring much needed stationery items rather than sweets if they wish to bring a gift.


title                        Cultural Day or Multi-Day Visits                           

Join Maluti Tours for a genuine Lesotho Experience. We have our own Basotho Guides who will add fantastic value to your tour, offering information on the lives of the Basotho people, its history and culture. Our Guides have been raised, educated and live in Lesotho and are eager to share their knowledge with our guests. Come take a Tour with Maluti Tours and know you are in very capable hands.   Below is the Liphofung Cave area (Place of the Eland) and next is a regular site on Lesotho roads as the herdsmen move their flocks from one grazing area to another.